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Registration & Start Time

You need to register before each race in order to participate (unless you are a day guest from the compound where it is held). Please be at the venue at least 1hr before the start time. Races start at 6:00am or 7:00am depending on the race. See individual race details.

Each racer will provide their emergency POC details once per season unless you need to update it. 

Relay Teams

If you only want to participate in one sport then you will have the opportunity to race on a relay team. Relay teams use one chip only and need to hand this off between the relayers. If you want to be in the relay championship the relay racers must be the same for at least seven races. 

Hydration & Nutrition

Please bring your own water bottle (filled) for use on the bike portion of races. We will provide water on the run portion of the course. In case you want nutrition on the race please bring your own. After the races, we usually have fruit and light refreshments. 


Coming soon, we will let our members view the courses
planned for the year. 

View Course Maps (Coming Soon...)
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